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Jerry's Artarama Retail Stores

Jerry's Artarama is growing chain of artist supply stores. In an effort to keep up with the information age, they developed individual retail store websites. The websites went through several revisions, and were maintained by Omni Impact until the end of 2009. The screen shots on this page were taken of the last iteration of the retail store websites.

FlyerThe system installed by Omni Impact included a central administrative account, which served as both a hub for all of the retail stores, and also allowed one-click publishing of special announcements and coupons.

In the content management system, the boxes plugin allows visibility toggling for several announcements. Notice the second announcement is marked as visible.

On the Miami store website, and all of the other retail websites, the visible announcement appears as part of the home page.

The original idea was simply to design a website that could be set up for each store, with the manager being able to log in and modify certain content. There was a special request for the ability to create an image gallery, and then a contact form, and soon the original solution could not handle the new features. In order to support image galleries, a plugin was written for Snippet that would organize the information..